Failure and Success

During a lazy afternoon, I was browsing through various articles and stumbled upon a New York Times article about Graffiti Art in the City. You can see it here. And then…..I suddenly came up with the brilliant idea of using this article to create my personal graffiti tour.

Fortunately, I had a friend who was daring enough to join my adventure of wandering through the streets of NYC. To contribute, she added the idea of tracking down Banksy’s work. (FYI: Banksy is a pseudonymous UK-based graffiti artist) What seemed to be an awesome idea at first, turned out to be….scary.

Let me explain.

We decided to have our tour in Brooklyn. Home of the hipsters and artists. We went to the first spot where Banksy’s work was suppose to be, but it was erased. Fail. Then we wandered deeper into Brooklyn. Maybe a little too far.

Before we knew it, we ended up in a super ghetto part of Brooklyn where we were probably the only Caucasian and Asian people for miles. It was a scary interesting experience. Pro is that there were food trucks that had cheap delicious empanadas! Con is we missed Banksy again. The top picture shows Banksy’s original work (credits to Pinterest) and lower picture shows us pointing to the original spot. His work was erased again…


At this point, our personal tour was a miserable failure. We had been walking for 2.5 hours and had seen nothing but empty walls. But no worries, we continued to our next stop: The Bushwick Collective!

(Note: we ended up taking a 5 min cab ride to our destination because things started to look really shady…)

When we arrived, we were handsomely rewarded with multiple walls of beautiful graffiti. Each with its own style and message. Success! My favorite ones are pictured below.

bushwick1 bushwick2 bushwick3

I was surprised that the entire area was dead empty. It made it seem like we were truly in our own personal graffiti tour that had been sectioned off specially for us. It was peaceful and riveting at the same time. The pictures below portray the empty streets.

photo (2) photo 2 (2)

This mini field trip started as  failure and ended up being a great success. Not only did we walk for four solid hours (burning those calories), but also got to appreciate all the different graffiti work in a rarely-silent NYC.


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